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I’ve been doing extensions professionally for 15 years. I enjoy what I do and seeing the smile on a client’s face when their beauty is enhanced with the use of extensions. Ladies our hair is our glory. When it looks good we feel good no matter what we have on and no matter what we are going thru. It is not about money, I’m straight forward and completely honest with my consultations. I will not advise you to get the most expensive extension. The integrity of your own hair is far more important. We have to determine your hair’s overall health, texture and density. We will find the best extension technique to be used specifically for you. Along with your comfort and affordability is what the consultation is based on.

The longevity of extensions depends on the type of extensions you get, your hair quality, and how well you care for your hair.

  • Sew-In Weave $375 (7-A Highest Quality Hair No Shedding, Tangling and Cuticles are in One Direction.)
  • Breaded Sew-in Weft with hair $475.00
  • Glue in Weft (Quick Weave) $250.00
  • Glue in Weft $100 (full head)
  • Braided Sew-In Weft $175 & Up (full head)
  • Non Sew-In Beaded Weft $225 & Up (full head)
  • Individual Keratin (Fusion) $350 and Up for 100 stands (normal density of hair) for thicker hair density may take 150 -200 strandsIndividual
  • Micro Beads $400 and Up for 100 strands (normal density of hair) for thicker hair density may take 150-200 strands

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Prices are subject to change due to Lenght, Density and Unruly Hair